Pre-Raid gear for Demo

This is a work-in-progress pre-raid gear list for Demonology spec warlocks. I’ve pulled the data from Wowhead’s database and provided links. I’m unapologetically Horde, and have therefore linked Horde versions of everything – if any Alliance spies read this they can be assured that there are equivalent items in every case with identical stats.

When making the list, my initial aim is to the 17% hit cap. This means that even though reforging gives us far more freedom than ever before in customising our stat balance, where items are equivalent I’m prioritising the ones with hit. It’s become very obvious to me that the balancing of combat ratings at level 85 are, compared to what we’ve become used to, incredibly severe. If at a glance you feel I’m overdoing the hit, for example, take a closer look and you’ll see that it might not be possible to reach the hit cap from gear alone – some amount of gemming, enchanting or reforging will be needed. It wouldn’t surprise me to find that many people start raiding with some amount of miss chance still on the table.

For info, the level 85 combat ratings I’ve used are as follows:

Spell Hit: 102.446
Haste: 128.057
Crit: 179.280
Mastery 179.28

The hit rating required for cap is 1742.

First I’ll give an overview of what’s available from the different channels for loot, then I’ll run through recommendations on a slot by slot basis, and finally give two sample pre-raid gear sets showing best-available and all-fallback gear, and do a quick analysis of the combat ratings.

Questing: You should aim to have replaced most quest rewards by the time you start raiding (most of the best stuff lacks gem slots), but you could probably get away with using a couple of these as filler, and all of this stuff will see you right in heroic dungeons (NB most of these are normal mode dungeon quest rewards).

Staff – Very Manly Staff
Chest – Overly Intelligent Robes
Legs – Bastion-Clearing Leggings
Shoulder – Blight-Lifter’s Mantle
Waist – Belt of Mystical Betrayal
Feet – Sandals of the Courier
Trinket – World-Queller Focus
Wrist – True Archaeologist’s Bracers
Off-hand – Air Raid Beacon
Wand – Shackle-Shatter Wand

Faction: There’s some excellent gear available from factions, particularly the epic items available at exalted. Getting Revered with Hyjal and Exalted with Deepholm for most people will be important as these are the vendors for the head and shoulder enchants.

Head Enchant – Arcanum of Hyjal – Hyjal
Hands – Aessina-Blessed Gloves – Hyjal
Hands – Flamebloom Gloves – Earthen Ring
Back – Cloak of Ancient Wisdom – Earthen Ring
Head – Helm of Temperance – Earthen Ring
Feet – Desert Walker Sandals – Ramkahen
Chest – Robes of Orsis – Ramkahen
Staff – Insidious Staff – Hellscream’s Reach
Trinket – Stump of Time – Hellscream’s Reach
Neck – Yellow Smoke Pendant – Dragonmaw Clan
Finger – Band of Lamentation – Dragonmaw Clan
Hands – Bone Fever Gloves – Dragonmaw Clan
Shoulder Enchant – Greater Inscription of Charged Lodestone – Deepholme
Finger – Diamant’s Ring of Temperance – Deepholme

Crafted: There’s a lot of useful gear to level with available from crafters, but this is the pick of the lot, and should be useful for getting into a first raid.

Breeches of Mended Nightmares – Tailoring Legs
Dreamless Belt – Tailoring Waist
Powerful Enchanted Spellthread – Tailoring Leg Enchant
Dungeoneering Guide – Inscription Off-hand
Eye of Many Deaths – Jewelcrafting Neck
Ring of Warring Elements – Jewelcrafting Finger
Elementium Spellblade – Blacksmithing Main Hand
Darkmoon Card: Volcano – Inscription Trinket

Badge: The following is all Justice point loot. Most Valor loot, while obviously extremely good, won’t be readily available until you’re already raiding.

Chest – Robes of Embalmed Darkness
Head – Cowl of Pleasant Gloom
Hands – Gloves of the Painless Midnight
Legs – Pensive Legwraps
Waist – Incense Infused Cumberbund
Shoulder – Meadow Mantle
Neck – String of Beaded Bubbles
Off-hand – Hermit’s Lamp

Dungeon: Pick up gear from normal dungeons to get into heroics, then use this stuff to start raiding with.

Chest – Inquisition Robes – Blackrock Caverns
Chest – Corsair’s Overshirt – Deadmines
Chest – Robes of Arugal – Shadowfang Keep
Chest – Robes of Rampant Growth – Halls of Origination
Legs – Legwraps of Astral Rain – Halls of Origination
Waist – Stratosphere Belt – Vortex Pinnacle
Shoulder – Mantle of the Eastern Lords – Shadowfang Keep
Shoulder – Mantle of Master Cho – Lost City
Head – Helm of the Typhonic Beast – Halls of Origination
Head – Blinders of the Follower – Shadowfang Keep
Head – Crown of Enfeebled Bodies – Grim Batol
Trinket – Anhuur’s Hymnal – Halls of Origination
Trinket – Sorrowsong – Lost City
Trinket – Tendrils of Burrowing Dark – Stonecore
Finger – Lavishly Jeweled Ring – Deadmines
Finger – Anthia’s Ring – Throne of Tides
Finger – Band of Rays – Halls of Origination
Finger – Spirit Creeper Ring – Lost City
Back – Periwinkle Cloak – Throne of Tides
Wrist – Armbands of Exiled Architects – Deadmines
Wrist – Sand Silk Wristband – Lost City
Neck – Pendant of the Keep – Shadowfang Keep
Neck – Pipefish Cord – Throne of Tides
Hands – Mnemiopsis Gloves – Throne of Tides
Staff – Cerith Spire Staff – Throne of the Tides
Staff – Emberstone Staff – Deadmines
Staff – Staff of Siphoned Essences – Grim Batol
Dagger – Modgud’s Blade – Grim Batol
Dagger – Biting Wind – Vortex Pinnacle
Sword – Blade of the Burning Sun – Halls of Origination
Wand – Corla’s Baton – Blackrock Caverns
Wand – Cookie’s Stirring Rod – Deadmines

Archaeology: I’m giving this a separate section as it’s very much an unknown quantity. While I’m looking forward to it (and hope to be a Professor one day) I doubt I’ll have much time for it while I try and get myself raid ready. There’s some very good gear available though, so I’ll list it here, but I’m expecting this to take a significant investment of time to obtain. It’s interesting that they are bind to account.

Finger – Ring of the Boy Emperor
Staff – Staff of Sorceror-Thane Thaurissan

    Putting that together to make recommendations on a slot-by-slot basis:

Head: You get a good hat from Earthen Ring at Honored which will be a good fallback, and there’s a good selection that drop from heroic instances. .

Best: either…
Helm of the Typhonic Beast
Cowl of Pleasant Gloom

Fallback: Helm of Temperance

Other options:
Blinders of the Follower
Crown of Enfeebled Bodies

Neck: There’s a very good neck available from jewelcrafters – as it’s the only one with a gem slot, I’m rating it as the best available.

Best: Eye of Many Deaths

Other options:
Yellow Smoke Pendant
Pendant of the Keep
String of Beaded Bubbles
Pipefish Cord

Shoulder: There’s a fallback available from the Lost City dungeon quest, and a couple of heroic drops, but this seems like a safe bet as a good place to spend justice points.

Best: Mantle of the Eastern Lords

Fallback: Blight-Lifter’s Mantle

Other options:
Mantle of Master Cho
Meadow Mantle

Back: Only 2 options, a heroic drop or Earthen Ring vendor at revered which probably counts as both best and fallback.

Best: Cloak of Ancient Wisdom

Other option: Periwinkle Cloak

Chest: There’s a plethora of robes available, but as you pretty much have to work on Ramkahen rep to get decent footwear, you’ll have their blue quality robe available which gives some much appreciated hit making it one of the best choices for the slot.

Best: Robes of Orsis

Other options:
Inquisition Robes
Robes of Embalmed Darkness
Corsair’s Overshirt
Robes of Arugal
Robes of Rampant Growth

Wrist: Not much choice here. Get the Halls of Origination dungeon quest done for the fallback, and see if you get lucky in heroics.

Best: Sand Silk Wristband

Fallback: True Archaeologist’s Bracers

Other option: Armbands of Exiled Architects

Hands: As you pretty much need the cloak from Earthen Ring revered, it’s well worth getting exalted for the best gloves. As a fallback I’ve picked the Hyjal revered ones (even though the socket bonus is useless) as that rep is needed for our head enchant, and pretty much essential.

Best: Flamebloom Gloves

Fallback: Aessina-Blessed Gloves

Other options:
Gloves of the Painless Midnight
Mnemiopsis Gloves

Waist: The epic tailored belt is the best option. Theres just one drop from heroics, so the justice vendor sells the best fallback option.

Best: Dreamless Belt

Fallback: Incense Infused Cumberbund

Other option: Stratosphere Belt

Legs: Save your pennies and buy the tailoring epics. Because of the haste on them, Demo should go for the Breeches of Mended Nightmares. Next best are the justice vendor legs.

Best: Breeches of Mended Nightmares

Fallback: Pensive Legwraps

Other option:
Legwraps of Astral Rain

Feet: No choice at all, really. Get the Sandals of the Courier from a normal dungeon quest early on, then work on Ramkahen rep to get the very nice epics.

Best: Desert Walker Sandals

Fallback: Sandals of the Courier

Finger: A good jewelcrafting one should be easy to get. For the other, the Twilight Highlands faction rep is good if you’re unlucky with drops in heroics.

Best 1: Ring of Warring Elements

Best 2: Lavishly Jeweled Ring

Fallback: Band of Lamentation

Other options:
Anthia’s Ring
Band of Rays
Spirit Creeper Ring

Trinket: There are some interesting trinkets available, and I hope to do another article concentrating on the best trinkets for Demo. The new Darkmoon card is looking excellent. For the stats alone I’m including the exalted Tol Barad rep option as a ‘best’ option, though this may be tough to do in a hurry. As ever with trinkets, fallbacks are whatever you can get your hands on.

Best 1: Darkmoon Card: Volcano

Best 2: Stump of Time

Other options:
Anhuur’s Hymnal
Tendrils of Burrowing Dark

Weapon: An early fallback to pick up is the staff reward for the new gladiator-pit quests, though this should be simple to better via the blacksmithing dagger and the justice point or inscription offhands, or a staff rep reward for Tol Barad. There are plenty of other sidegrade heroic drops. Because of stats, I’m going with a hit/haste staff as overall best, and an ‘easily’ available MH/OH combo as best fallback.

Best overall weapon: Cerith Spire Staff

Fallback 2-Hands:
Insidious Staff
Very Manly Staff

Other 2-Hands:
Emberstone Staff
Staff of Siphoned Essences

Best Main Hand: Elementium Spellblade

Best Off Hand: Hermit’s Lamp

Other Main Hands:
Modgud’s Blade
Blade of the Burning Sun
Biting Wind

Other Off Hands:
Dungeoneering Guide
Air Raid Beacon

Wand: There’s a fallback green quest reward from Twilight Highlands, upgradeable by 2 heroic drops.

Best: Corla’s Baton

Fallback: Shackle-Shatter Wand

Other option: Cookie’s Stirring Rod

This is the stat breakdown and combat ratings for the ‘best’ gear. You can see that despite the heavy concentration on hit, and it being the largest secondary stat, we’re still 274 short which can be made up with gems or reforging. The base figures of around 9% haste, 11% crit and 7 points of mastery illustrate my point about the brutality of the new combat ratings pretty well.

Int: 2956
Hit: 1468 (14.32%)
Haste: 1134 (8.855%, or 35.38% with raid buffs + ISF)
Crit: 873 (4.87%, + 1.7% base crit, plus 4.55% from int = 11.12%)
Mastery: 1202 (6.7 points)
Spellpower: 1732
# gem sockets: 10 + meta

And the same done for the Fallback option gear, using the preferred MH/OH combo but missing trinkets:

Int: 2746
Hit: 869 (8.48%)
Haste: 1011 (7.89%, 34.19% with buffs and ISF)
Crit: 1037 (5.78%, with base 1.7% plus int 4.23% total is 11.71%)
Mastery: 764 (4.26 points)
Spellpower: 1729
# gem sockets: 8 + meta

This gear set has real problems, massively below the hit cap. Even with a huge effort at gemming and reforging for hit, it’s unlikely to reach the cap. I’ll conclude that we can get away with having a few of the fallback pieces in our pre-raid set, but not many. We should also grab anything we can with hit on it, as reaching 17% is a pretty high hurdle at these ratings.


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