Quite pleased with 11th

We finally beat the heroic Lich King fight, though sadly just the 10 player version as this week’s signups prevented an extension of the 25 player lockout so we ran 2 10s instead. We had 2 nights of tries and got him down on the our last attempt of the week (typical). Lots of sympathy for the other group, who’s best attempt got him down to 19%.

As for the “quite pleased” reference in the title, after checking the logs for the fight I found I’d placed 11th in the World of Logs rankings, and, er… I’m quite pleased!

…and more than a little surprised, considering my performance has more holes in it than I can count – poor dot uptimes, mistimed guardian cast, not making full use of Soul Burn, etc. The nature of the fight though is all about keeping your head and not doing anything daft, rather than squeezing out every bit of dps.

Phase 1 was the most troublesome to us. We’d started off being very scared of the enrages after our experience of them in 25-HC, but prioritising these was a struggle. Once we let the priority slide on enrages, having found that our Horror tank could manage pretty well with stuns and cooldowns, that allowed for more focus for the other aspects of the phase and we started getting better progression. The other aspect that caused problems was getting the right balance (and the right luck) of number of ghouls on the OT to get the disease to kill both Horrors in time to grab Raging Spirits. If the Horrors died on time, the first transition was straightforward.

Phase 2 didn’t give us any particular problems. I kept Axe Toss in reserve during Valk spawns but didn’t need it often and everyone dealt with defile well. The number of Ice spheres in the second transition was overwhelming our assigned dps, so we split the job between 2. This meant dragging a healthier Raging Spirit out of transition than we’d have liked, but with the tanks managing positioning well, we could deal with it after coming out of the first Frostmourne room.

Phase 3 was just fun. We probably had just 4 or 5 attempts get this far. Hellfire inside Frotsmourne is great, and takes out a lot of spirits, while Seed of Corruption was still my preferred AoE outside. For the spirits we had our Unholy DK spread diseases onto them and me AoEing down as many as I could, with the OT taking as many as he could of the ones that got through.

Here’s hoping we can repeat the performance in 25-HC in three resets!



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