Getting to grips with Demo

Curses and Damnation upon Shadowmourne! Not only does it proc the graphic that Harvest Soul should have, but it stopped me topping the overall meters for last night’s raid!

Mind you, at least I’m feeling a lot more comfortable with the new demo, and think there’s still a lot of room to push it further.

After experimenting with a 0/3 Bane 3/3 Shadow & Flame 2/2 Improved Immolate spec, running it with maximum haste (around 1589), around 14 mastery and 23% crit, I had another try at the 3/3 Bane, 2/3 S&F build. I was happy with the casting speed of Shadow Bolt, and very happy with the damage from Immolate, but felt that the penalty from the low crit was hampering the potential of the spec.

After capping hit, I got haste to a few points over the 1406 threshold at which Immolate gets an 8th tick and an extra second or so duration, reverted most of my mastery reforgings (down to around 9) and got crit up to around 29.5%.

I kept glyphs as Meta, Immo, Felguard (which I suspect is the best third choice for Orcs but no-one else).

At the post 1406 haste cap, the timings of Hand of Gul’dan are very comfortable and give enough leeway for short movement, other casts, etc. With haste no longer shortening dot durations to the extent it did pre-patch, Corruption is less intensive to maintain. The nuke ‘rotation’ is unchanged, and BoD has a very relaxed window in which to refresh it. In fact, now that the HoG refresh issue is dealt with I’d say that the basic priorities are a little easier than they used to be. Finding a comfortable window for haste to allow relaxed use of HoG seems to be the key. I’m sure that with more practice I could learn to operate within a tighter window, and once the combat ratings plummet with levelling I’m pretty sure I’ll have to!

I’m liking the Impending Doom proc a lot more. With 3/3 bane and 50% haste, thats a lot of chances to proc, and Meta seemed to be available a lot. Checking the logs shows that I was in demon form for 34.4% of the raid! The demo mastery doesn’t look so bad with figures like that.


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