Soul Burn suggestions

There seems to be a pitifully small number of abilities that the new Soul Burn mechanic can affect so far. With so much blank canvass remaining, it’s hard not to fantasize about some possible effects. Here’s a few on my wish list…

Demonic Circle

Summons a Demonic Circle at the current location of your pet.

Soul Stone

Burn a shard to be able to use a Soul Stone to battle res a fallen party or raid member.

Bane of Doom

Give Bane of Doom a chance to proc an Ebon Imp every 3 seconds.

Shadow Ward

Shadow Ward Volley! Damage absorbed by Shadow Ward is reflected to all enemies within 20 yards.

Health Funnel

Gives the target minion a 100% attack speed and 100% attack power boost for the duration of the cast


Afflicts targets with a horror effect while they are affected by the DoT component.

Rain of Fire

Has a 15% chance per tick to cast or refresh Immolate on each target

Shadow Bolt

Increases the range of Shadow Bolt by 50%


Grants the Demon Wings buff allowing the caster to fly at normal run speed. Taking damage or entering combat removes the buff.


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