Siphon Life on the Beta

Siphon Life now has a 25/50% chance to heal you for 1% of your total health.

I love the sound of wailing and gnashing of teeth! It gives me a warm glow inside, and excites my minions. I also love the change to Siphon Life, and not just because it’s caused such an explosion of QQ, no, I think it’s a change for the better!

Quick question: What’s the difference between the gear folks wear for PvE and PvP?

Answer: In PvE folks gear for maximum damage. In PvP they gear more defensively.

This means that an Affliction ‘lock in PvE gear will do more damage than when in PvP gear. Add in the effects of resilience and the damage difference is vast. How much bigger is a corruption tick from a PvE warlock with raid buffs, full shadow embrace and no resilience to worry about than a corruption tick from a PvP geared ‘lock in an Arena up against a resilience capped opponent? 3 or 4 times the damage? Something like that.

With the self healing of Corruption tied to damage done, and such a huge differential in that damage, which one do you balance it against? Do you balance it for the PvE lock and have it tick for pathetic amounts in PvP, or balance it for the PvP lock and have it distort encounter design in PvE? Neither one sounds like a good plan to me, mostly because this is entirely the wrong way round.

Wouldn’t it be much better if Siphon Life worked better for the PvP geared ‘lock than the PvE geared one? In raids it’s a nice bonus to have, but if you asked a raiding ‘lock whether they’d rather take a dps boost, they’d bite your arm off for anything that did more damage. For PvP however, it’s a core part of Affliction’s survivability, and ‘locks would rather sacrifice a bit of damage to get it boosted so that it healed more.

That’s why the current mechanism is broken. By linking it to damage, it benefits the people that least want it the most, those that most want it the least, and turns it into a class balancing nightmare. Surely the answer is to break the link to damage and link it to another stat, preferably one that PvP geared players have more of than PvE geared ones.

So dry your eyes and use your brain. What stat would you link it to?


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