Dislodged Foreign Object

Since getting the heroic version of this, I’ve been puzzling over whether I should make any changes to casting order to maximise the effect of the proc.

Here are the spellpower coefficients for various spells, and the additional damage that a full 10 charges of the proc will add to each for normal/heroic:

Corruption, Immolate, CoA 120% – 1260/1452
Curse of Doom 200% – 2100/2420

Incinerate 71.43% – 750/864
Shadow Bolt 85.71% – 900/1037
Soul Fire 115% – 1207/1391

Immolation Aura 214.5% (243.23%) – 2252/2595 (2554/2943 inc 20% from Meta)

Unsurprisingly the big guns here are the ones with the longest cooldowns, CoD and Immo Aura. Of course, the figures above are just for the 2 seconds worth of the maximum 10 stacks, with the previous 18 seconds ramping up to this level.

I’ve set up TellMeWhen (my timer display of choice) to show when the buff is active and the number of stacks. I’m now trying to make the following changes to my behaviour, based on when it procs.

1. No Life Tap. Unless for some bizarre reason the Life Tap glyph buff is about to drop off, then I don’t Life Tap while this (or the T10 4-piece bonus, or MC) has procced.

2. If CoD comes off cooldown during a Surge of Power proc, I’ll hold it until the 10-stack (assuming there’s 60 secs left in the fight).

3. Don’t pop Meta if off cooldown during a Surge proc until at least the 3rd stack, and cast Immo Aura on the 10-stack.

Other than that, I’m not sure it’s worth taking any further actions. I’ve considered clipping Immolate or Corruption, but suspect that the damage loss from the clip outweighs any advantage (though I have squeezed in a filler nuke after Corruption dropped to let me refresh it on the 10-stack). The key thing is really to squeeze as many damaging casts as possible into the proc timeframe.


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