More thoughts on Sindragosa

Sindragosa down again, but not without it causing a lot of problems. We had quite a bit of churn in the raid group with a number of players learning the fight. Every phased fight seems to take an age before people get to grips with what they need to do. Oddly our biggest problem last night was the Blistering Cold. I’ve never seen that be much of an issue before – pretty much a standard “sucked in so run out” mechanic, but people were dropping like flies. Other than that it was just the usual ice block problems while people got used to positioning and paying attention.

I got quite lucky with Unchained Magic, only getting the debuff three times, and one of those right at the end of the fight so it didn’t matter that I built up a suicidal number of stacks. I found it easier to manage this week by ignoring Molten Core procs. Sticking to Shadow Bolts, with the longer cast time, helped pace the stacking of Intensity so I could get to 7 or 8 stacks, wait 2 or 3 seconds, then start casting another Shadow Bolt to time the cast for just after Intensity dropped. Using Incinerate during MC seemed to build my stack too quickly, making for more time spent waiting. I’ll look into this more next week.

The other thing I intend to try is using CoA more. The timing for CoD was frustratingly close to her air phases, and except on one occasion she’d launch before CoD popped and I could refresh it.

I’m going to try using CoA, refreshing it through the ground phase, then interrupting it with a CoD cast as she starts the air phase. This should help with overall curse uptime.


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