Using Metamorphosis

The general rule for when to cast Meta is “whenever it is available”. If you can cast it, and there are no reasons not to, then cast it. Do make sure, however, that you Life Tap to top off your mana bar and trigger the glyph first to avoid wasting time while buffed.

There are two main reasons to hold off casting:

Waiting to take an advantage.

Typically this will refer to the Decimation execute phase or Bloodlust/Heroism, though it can include fight-specific buffs.

If you have a shaman in the raid, ask when Bloodlust will happen. The most common times are shortly after the start or at the beginning of the execute phase. If cast at the start of the fight, hold the first Meta cast until then.

If the second Meta becomes available and the boss is at 50% or less, you are unlikely to have time for a third. You should wait until the execute phase (or even better, aBloodlust during this) before casting.

The final time to take advantage is that once the fight hits the last 30-40 seconds, cast it if available as there’s no longer any point waiting.

Waiting to avoid a disadvantage.

Many fights involve mechanics that force disruptions to players’ casting. If Meta is active during these, it is being wasted. There is usually a settling in phase at the start of a fight when Meta should be cast, but after that it is worth waiting for the disruptive mechanic to end before triggering it again.

Here’s a list of problem mechanics in ICC

Marrowgar: Bone Storm

Once the second Meta is available wait until you’re getting back into position after a Bone Storm before casting.

Gunship: Can’t use jetpack during Meta

Be careful using Meta at all if you’re expected to jump to the other ship as it prevents your jetpack from working. This can be annoying if you can’t fly there, and fatal if you can’t fly back. Right click the buff to remove it if needed.

Blood Princes: Target change

If Meta comes off cooldown during the fight it can be worth waiting for the Empowered state to switch to another prince before casting, or you may lose a little time repositioning.

Blood Queen: (Essence of the Blood Queen)

The Essence of the Blood Queen is an example of a fight specific buff that can be worth waiting for. If Meta becomes available and you know your turn is coming up, wait until bitten before casting it.

As her Air Phase occurs every 2 minutes it’s very unlikely to conflict with Meta’s similar timer. The Pact and Shadows are disruptive, but unpredictable.

Sindragosa: Unchained Magic, Air Phase

Sindragosa requires the most careful timing of all the ICC fights. Remember to use your Demonic Circle so that you don’t need to run out after her pull ability. Meta seems to be something of an Unchained Magic magnet. At the start, wait for the her first cast of Unchained Magic and if you don’t have the debuff, cast Meta immediately. You may still get caught by her next cast, but should be able to continue until Meta wears off and then stop with around 7 or 8 stacks at most.

If you do get caught by the first debuff, wait until the first Unchained Magic cast after her first air phase, as the first air phase happens at 85%, which can be hit quite soon after the 2nd Unchained Magic cast. Subsequent air phases are at just under 2 minute intervals, so Meta can be cast on the first or second Unchained Magic cast, whichever you avoid first. In phase 3 cast after clearing the Mystic Buffet debuff.


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