We got Sindragosa down in ICC25 last night.

We tried the “proper” way for our first two goes. For the first try we had the ranged on the steps in P3 with alternating iceblocks left and right on the flat in front of them, but had a wipe from a marked melee running across the front of the ranged group as the tomb went off, trapping too many ranged and healers.

For our second attempt, we shifted both P3 iceblock positions to the left of the ranged, the first at the bottom and the second half way up the stairs, with the idea that the melee would clear debuffs and kill the lower one, and the ranged do the same for the upper one. There were problems keeping the tank healed.

By this point we’d seen that dps on the boss was fine, and decided to shift to a zerg strategy of clearing the first two iceblocks, then just letting marked players get tombed out of the way while we all-out nuked the boss. our first attempt at this got the boss to 1.4% despite some muddles, so we tried again and got the kill.

For Demo ‘locks, the main issue is the timing of Meta. This prompted me to write the previous post about Meta, which goes into when I think it should be cast. It’s a pretty random fight though. One one wipe attempt I got picked on for the first 3 Unchained Magic debuffs and had 5 in total through the fight. On the kill I didn’t get any until the execute phase, then had one followed shortly by getting the iceblock mark and sitting out the finish. Another time and the only thing I got was an iceblock for the air phase. It really is a group effort, as if you’re lucky enough to get a mostly clear run and pull out some good damage it’s probably because some unlucky sod is catching all the debuffs.


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