Cataclysm Wishlist

First things first, just so we’re clear. I don’t care about green fire. If there was a minor glyph to make my fire destro spells green, I wouldn’t use it. I’ve got nothing against the new Fel Flames spell being green – it sounds like it will be cool and distinctive – but I’m happy with Incinerate and Soul Fire being all orange, thanks.

I also don’t want another demon. We’ve already got two we barely use because there isn’t an available niche for them. The best that a new demon could achieve would be to make one of the three that we currently use get bumped as well.

I’m also not bothered about a new flying mount, though I’ll qualify this by saying that if we were to get one my preferred option would be to slap wings on the Dreadsteed to give it the go-anywhere mechanic of That Retarded Horse. This would give me one extra macro slot, which is something worth getting excited about.

Well, now that I’ve dismissed the usual top three on most ‘lock’s most-wanted lists, I’ll lay out my own choices, in no particular order.

Glyph of Curse of the Elements

I want a minor glyph that adds the CotE effect to the Bane spells of Agony and Doom. I like what the separation of curses and banes brings to PvP very much, but don’t like the fact that it adds another GCD of startup time in PvE to specs that are already some of the least bursty and slowest to get going. Shamans used to suffer from being the class that was still dropping totems while everyone else was already stuck in to the fight. The only net effect of this minor glyph would be the saving of a GCD that would otherwise be needed to provide a group buff – exactly what the totem bars do for shamans. By making it a glyph that PvE specs would choose, it would leave the PvP mechanic untouched.

Soul Burn and Soulshatter

I want the soul burn empowered soulshatter to be a 100% aggro dump. Of all the squicky, crowd controlling classes, warlocks have the most pathetic aggro dump on the longest cooldown. I’m ok with us dying more often – you’re not a real ‘lock if you’re afraid of a bit of death every now and then – but it puts a real kink in our dps.

Demonic Transference

A talent in the Demonology tree on a medium cooldown that lets you and your pet swap places. The Demonic Circle is such a cool tool that lends itself to loads of creative uses. Giving demo ‘locks another one would be double the cool. This would be particularly powerful in PvP, but as Demo is the weakest PvP spec, this would only help the balance so long as it was sufficently high in the tree.


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