Gunnery Sergeant Wormskull

I’ve had great success as a cannon ninja on the Gunship encounter recently. As long as I’ve been sat in a cannon when the raid leader gets around to assigning the gunner roles, it’s been easier to just let me stay there than hoof me out. So here’s some tips for anyone who wants some big gun action.

1. Get sat in a cannon fast. If you’re up against competition forget the rocket pack, you won’t be using it. Get to your objective fast. Don’t go crazy with the cannonballs quite yet, as you need to try and exude an air of steely competence. An occasional wary-looking swing from side to side, scanning the horizon for threats should give about the right air of prefoessionalism – you’ve not gone childishly mental and you’re not afk, so hopefully your raid leader will let you stay. This works best for ranged dps. Anyone else will likely need to resort to blackmail or bribery.

2. Once the airship gets underway start blasting at those mountains! Get the gun to 90%+ and stop. As it cools to under about 88% fire another shot to keep it nice and hot.

3. As soon as you can get the target reticule on the enemy ship, blast them with the fireball, then spam the cannonballs to build heat again. You should have enough time to locate and target one of the troublemakers on the opposite side of the enemy ship and click them to get them targetted before you blast them with another fireball. While you’re in the gun it’s that line of four guys on the far side you want to aim at. You’ll need to have them targetted to see when they die as you’ll be kicking up some meaty explosions that are hard to see through. Once your target is dead, move to the next. These are the enemies that bombard your ship with explosives, so by keeping them dead you make life much easier for everyone else.

4. When the gun ices over, it’s time to kill the enemies on the near side of their ship. These sniper types have a standard ranged attack that’s puny to start with and painful when they gain experience. Dot them up and nuke them down – it doesn’t take much to kill them.

5. Keep alternating between killing the adds on the far side when you’re in the gun and the near side when you’re not. Job done.

Other things to keep in mind.

Build up heat and shoot a fireball once over 85%. I’ve had overheats from trying to squeeze one more shot in when in the high 80’s. Don’t let it overheat. Shoot a fireball when the enemy captain calls for a mage, just before you’re kicked from the gun.

Stay close enough to the gun to be able to click on it as soon as the mage dies. If you stand right on the edge just next to it you should be close enough to hit all the snipers on your end of the ship and get them down.

Set your pet to aggressive. You’ll have plenty of time when waiting for the Sourfangs to shut up to remember and set it to passive again. Might as well let it have its own crazy time.

Use Curse of Doom on all the snipers. If it actually kills one and spawns an unenslaved Doomguard then let me know what happens! I keep trying but have been unlucky so far…


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