Valithria Dreamwalker

Last night was our first ICC25 attempt at Dreamwalker. We took 8 healers (2 paladins and 2 shamans in the portals, 2 priests and 2 druids on the raid), 2 tanks, 9 ranged, 6 melee and we one-shot it without any significant problems.

We stacked the raid on the northern point of the ornamental circle (nearest the entrance) with tanks on the east and west points. Adds were called out as they entered and taken out with the usual Skellie, Supressor, Archmage, Zombie, Abom priority. Our 2 hunters would kite the zombies with just ranged dps on them, the tanks would pick up everything else except for supressors.

It’s a low dps fight as there’s no sustained damage to speak of. it’s all about fast reactions, raid coordination, mobility and burst.

For demo ‘locks the priority is maintaining Demonic Pact uptime to stack the spellpower of the portal healers. I stuck with the Felguard last night and didn’t need to do any particular pet management, but it’s important to wait until a tank (or hunter) has aggro on anything except the supressors. I’d had a problem on my first 10 man attempt, being too gung-ho and getting the pet killed.

Seeds of Corruption with Rain of Fire to finish is good on rotworm and supressor packs. Other than that I used Immolate and Corruption on Zombies and Abominations as I’d often have to switch to a higher priority target, and nukes on the Skeletons and Archmages. Decimation chains were very effective and if the adds stacked right could be maintained for quite a while. The value of Corruption was not really with the damage, but in getting a good Molten Core uptime – keeping it ticking on the low priority targets gets three quick nukes on the high priority ones.

I didn’t feel I made the most of my circle last night. Next time I’ll place it between the tank and Dreamwalker on the side I focus most on, so that when I’m helping out the other side I can get back quickly if an add is called on my side. Mobility is important (yet another fight where Tuskarr’s comes good) and I’d feel sorry for the rogues if this wasn’t the only fight I can beat the sneaky buggers on the meters. It’s definitely a fight that favours ranged dps.

I also failed to use Meta well. As it was the first attempt, I held on to it not knowing how hectic things would get. As it was, everything went smoothly and I burned it during bloodlust near the end. Next time I’ll just cast on cooldown for the 20% boost. Can’t see myself going out of my way to use the aura.

So, with a spring in our step we went to down Putricide. “Hey, we can one-shot bosses on our first attempt, we’re going to get this guy for sure!” …nine wipes. Phase 3 is a bitch.


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