Thoughts on post-Cata QQ

This post is my response to a number of ‘QQ’ threads I’ve read recently, particularly this one on mmo-champion from Jessicka. There are some excellent points made, but the tone grates so badly with me that I’m finding myself respond to that more. Hopefully I’ll get it out of my system and be able to […]

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Patch 4.0.6 Demo changes

4.0.6 I’ve been meaning to do a bunch of edits to both the Demo and pre-raid gear guides, but once the trickles of patch 4.0.6 info started I’ve been holding off. My intention now is to playtest demo for a while after the patch and then do a major edit of the guide. As for […]

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About Wormskull

All change! A new server, a new guild, a return to my old main.

Wormskull has risen from his dusty twilight existence of sewing bags and enchanting vellums to bring confusion and chaos to… stuff. He’s a bit of a generalist, indiscriminate about that kind of thing. This will be his blog. Expect opinion, tactics, lies, tips, rants, stuff I just made up, numbers, innacuracy, irrelevance, and bemusement.

About Nephilim

Nephilim is an adult raiding guild formed on 20-02-10 and based on the EU-Blade’s Edge PvE realm.

The guild has been founded on the joint principles of ‘community’ and ‘progression’, on the concept that adult raiders are perfectly capable of raiding seriously and downing new bosses without undermining real life. The guild seeks to provide a haven for the more mature gamer, a place where common sense underpins decision making, where ‘l33t sp34k’ and pokemon are shot on sight and where laughing on vent doesn’t earn you an earbashing from a dictatorial raid leader.

Nephilim seeks to build an adult community that will endure, that will progress through whatever new content there may be without requiring members to quit work, sell the wife, or inject redbull intraveneously. Raid times are designed around working life, giving members time to get home, do the kid’s calculus (or at least pretend to understand it) and eat something more substantial than a mars bar before sitting down to smack stuff in the face.

Raids run 3 times a week – Tuesday – Thursday – Sunday – starting at 22:00 server time and running until 01:00 server time.

Due to running a limited raid schedule we are looking for members that have the right commitment to ensure we cause the maximum amount of carnage in the minimum number of raids.

So, if you’re looking for a guild that respects the importance of real life and takes the concepts of community seriously, whilst maintaining a commitment to abuse and dismember raid bosses and /dance on their corpse, then Nephilim may well be what you’re looking for.

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